Welcome Gander Mt. customers




Welcome, Gander Mt. customers!

We are pleased to announce that the Gander Mountain store in Appleton is now referring its customers to Wolf River Concealed Carry LLC, the premier concealed carry course in northeast Wisconsin!

We have special allegiance to Gander Mountain. Both instructors, Ross and Seth, have previously worked in the firearms/hunting department of Gander Mountain for many years, and Seth remains an employee there.

Gander Mountain is an excellent place to gain expertise on firearms selection, ammunition selection and other knowledge from experienced shooters. Of course it offers one of the most complete firearms and ammo selections of any retailer in the state!

We look forward to working with each one of you at one of our concealed carry courses, where we will offer you the same personalized service and expertise that you have come to expect when you visit Gander Mountain.

Our classes are available only by directly contacting us, so call (920) 982-1719 or drop us an e-mail at Ross@wolfriverccw.com to sign up.

Thanks for your interest in Wolf River Concealed Carry LLC! Get your concealed carry permit now!