You Tube ad

Please check out our You Tube ad, which was professionally produced by Lance Stratton of Oshkosh, owner of Video Perfect Moments. Lance is a personal friend of mine, took my class and shot video of our Bear Lake Resort class for this ad.

Wolf River Concealed Carry ad

If you are a past student and would like to comment on the ad, please do so!

We strive to improve, so your comments (good and bad) are always welcome. We survey our customers during the class to see what they liked and didn’t like.

If you would like to contact Lance for a wedding or other video, please go to his website here:

Video Perfect Moments website

We can personally vouch for Lance’s professionalism and abilities! He is a full-time videographer for 4imprint, one of the largest promotional products distribution companies in the United States (based in Oshkosh, WI), and does their product videos. He is a stickler for details and will create a quality video of your wedding or other special event.


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