Wolf River CCW try handguns

Your choice of a small handgun for concealed carry will depend on many factors: your size, shape, ability to handle recoil, shooting abilities, rounds you feel necessary to carry for personal safety, etc. There is no one gun for every person. In fact, Wisconsin law does not limit the number of guns you can carry at one time and there is no problem carrying two or more! You may find that the handgun you carry in the summer when jogging or walking the dog will be different from the one you carry in winter while wearing a heavy parka.

Wolf River Concealed Carry LLC is one of the few classes in the state that offers actual shooting instruction! We believe this is crucial to your overall knowledge and ability to protect yourself and your loved ones. Part of this instruction is helping YOU find the handgun(s) that fit your lifestyle, wardrobe, beliefs and needs.

In general, the smaller the handgun, the easier it is to conceal, BUT the harder it is to shoot accurately. Smaller handguns are lighter, so they will jump (“kick”) more when shot. This is why you need to practice-practice-practice with your handgun so you can handle it when the chips are down. Smaller handguns also typically have smaller magazine capacities (pistols) or hold fewer rounds in the cylinder (revolvers).

Revolvers you can try at a Wolf River Concealed Carry Class:
(click on the handgun name to see photos/descriptions from manufacturer sites)

Ruger LCR 5-shot .38 Special (.357 Magnum model by special request only)

Smith & Wesson Model 337 Airweight 5-shot .38 Special (can be fired single- or double-action)

Semi-auto (auto-loading) pistols you can try in class:

Glock Model 42 .380 Auto subcompact frame

Glock Model 19   9mm Luger (9mm Parabellum) compact frame

Glock Model 43 9mm Luger (9mm Parabellum) subcompact frame

Glock Model 22 .40 Smith & Wesson full-size frame

Glock 44 .22 caliber compact frame that duplicates the Glock 19 in size. This is excellent training for new shooters who may be recoil shy.

Kahr Arms .40 Smith & Wesson subcompact frame

Kahr Arms .45 ACP subcompact frame

Kimber Solo 9mm subcompact frame

Ruger LCP .380 Auto pocket pistol frame with laser sight

Ruger LC9 9mm Luger subcompact frame

Sig Sauer P938 9mm microcompact frame (this single-action pistol has an extremely easy to maneuver slide for those who have trouble with strong slides (those with arthritis or lack of strength, etc.)

Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield 9mm Luger subcompact frame

Springfield XDS .45 ACP compact frame

Springfield Hellcat 9mm Luger Micro-Compact frame 

Taurus TCP .380 pocket pistol frame

Taurus Millennium G2 9mm Luger compact frame

Taurus G3C 9mm Luger compact frame with 12-round magazine

Taurus TX22 .22 LR (this is primarily a training pistol for those who are recoil-sensitive, but a .22 LR is better than a sharp stick in self-defense!)

These handguns and several others also are available for you to try FREE when you sign up for the shooting portion of our regular, monthly classes. Cost for the shooting instruction is $30 in addition to the $80 classroom fee, plus $20 for ammo. If you would like shooting instruction with your own handgun and ammo, you only pay the $30 instruction fee (no ammo fee).

If you would like a basic 2-hour pistol class (outside of normal classroom dates), the cost for one or two people is the same: $100, including 50 rounds of ammo! What a bargain compared to shooting at those pricey indoor ranges! You can join New London Fish and Game Club for a full year for only $15 ($25 for a family) and shoot almost any time you want!

Note: If you sign up for a shooting class and want to try a specific handgun, please let us know at the time you sign up so we can bring it for you! Thanks.