Concealed Carry Classes and CCW Law

Wolf River Concealed Carry LLC teaches the Wisconsin Dept. of Justice curriculum, plus much more. Why use the DOJ CCW lessons? Because this agency oversees the concealed carry law and administers it. Learning what they want all concealed carry permit holders to know, including when lethal force can be legally used to defend your life or the life of your loved ones, is crucial! If you are ever involved in a shooting incident, you have the peace of mind knowing you learned it “by the book,” as the DOJ recommended.

We are not attorneys, so we do not attempt to interpret the law. We can however read the law as the DOJ curriculum instructs us to teach.

Wisconsin law spells out exactly when the use of a firearm can and can’t be used to defend yourself and others. Failing to do so properly could get you in serious legal and financial trouble. A criminal attorney may require a retainer fee in the thousands of dollars. Our inexpensive conceal and carry course may be the best money you ever spent!

There is much misinformation about when a homeowner can shoot someone who has broken into their home. Much of this misinformation is from people who have not bothered to take a course or even read the law, which is explained at the DOJ website. DO NOT LISTEN to uninformed people. Take the course, do it right and save much aggravation!

Yes, it’s true you can apply for a CCW permit with a hunter safety certificate. However, hunter safety class does not cover anything about concealed carry law, concealing handguns, self-defense issues, handgun selection, ammo selection, etc. I also teach hunter safety (have taught in three states for a total of 25 years) and the head of the DNR’s law enforcement division said hunter safety doesn’t cover concealed carry, nor will it. Take this responsibility of carrying a concealed weapon seriously and do it right. Don’t just “get by” and do the bare minimum. Your attitude as a responsible gun owner and CCW holder should be to continue your education and practice as long as you carry a gun. READ, LEARN and SHOOT-SHOOT-SHOOT! Your life and the life of your family may one day depend on your educated, trained actions. Make those precious seconds the most effective they can be.

We will discuss ways to conceal your handgun, caliber selection, handgun selection, what you should tell police when involved in a shooting (this alone is worth the class cost), basic shooting and firearms safety, and much more.

Do it right and sign up now! Wolf River Concealed Carry LLC will help you walk with a newfound confidence that only comes from being prepared to face an armed attacker. Buy your loved one a course and you’ll feel better knowing they are prepared, too.

Wolf River CCW instructors discuss situations where lethal force may be used.