Protecting churches, schools and businesses from mass shootings

Using Concealed Carry for Mass Shooting Defense

According to the experts, most mass shootings take place in 6 minutes or less–about the same time it takes for the police to arrive. This means that relying on law enforcement to protect us from mass shooters is almost always a losing proposition. So what’s the solution to stop these deranged people, or at least minimize their body count?

The only real solution is to have someone at the scene already who has a firearm and the basic training to use it defensively. This means that church deacons, ministers, parishioners, teachers, school administrators, school liaison officers, retired military and anyone else who doesn’t want to see innocent people shot will be allowed to carry guns in church, school and business!

Our churches, schools and businesses have fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, eye wash stations, chemical suits and other proactive safety equipment on hand. We don’t simply rely on the fire department or someone else to put out small fires or wash a co-worker’s eye out in the event of a chemical spill. We practice drills for fires, tornadoes and now even active shooter incidents. But in schools especially, we insist on “no-gun zones” where the only real means to defend one’s self from a bad person with a gun is taken away from us! Unacceptable! It’s no secret that about 98 percent of all mass shootings take place in these no-guns zones, according to sociologist John Lott Jr., an expert on crimes and firearms, and founder of the Crime Prevention Research Center. Of course, the only people without guns in these situations are the innocent victims. The shooter at the Aurora, Colo., movie theater purposely chose the theater that had a no-guns policy and signage, knowing that he would not meet armed resistance until he had shot and killed many.

Lott Jr. has studied the relationship between the number of guns and the number of crimes for decades, and his conclusions are based on raw statistics, not emotions. His book, “More Guns, Less Crime,” first written when CCW laws were relatively uncommon, concluded that if every state in the nation would have CCW permits, the overall murder and violent crime rate would fall. And that’s what has happened.

Read John Lott Jr.’s fact-based studies on mass shootings here.

Fortunately, every state in the United States now has some sort of concealed carry laws. Wisconsin, 49th of 50 states to pass such a CCW law, has a unique provision that would allow any school district to OK the carry of handguns as long as that person has a contract with the school district (which most teachers, janitors, food service workers and administrators do).

It is a felony to carry a firearm in a school, with several exceptions. One of those exceptions, as listed on page 30 of the Wisconsin Dept. of Justice concealed carry curriculum (this is the book Wolf River Concealed Carry uses in its classes) states:

In accordance with a contract entered into between a school in the school zone and the individual or an employer of the individual.

This means that any school district could allow teachers, administrators or other staff to simply carry their CCW handguns in school. Additional training for those staff could be provided, but remember: In the vast majority of cases, the attacker is a deranged person with little or no training. The presence of a firearm in anyone’s hands is no guarantee they will survive an attack, and of course police officers are killed in the line of duty and even shot with their own guns. But having a gun at hand when the attack starts at least gives that person a fighting chance. Schools sometimes train teachers and kids to hide and try to be quiet as the gunman attacks. This is perhaps the worst advice anyone can give. Police have learned much in the Columbine case and now they go in immediately, rather than wait as they did that day. Of course, we’ve also had a case where a deputy refused to try and stop the gunman, with deadly consequences.

Defensive shooting is not a particularly difficult skill to master, but it does take some practice. Many police qualify with their duty weapons twice a year, and then seldom shoot those firearms. A civilian can learn to shoot as well or better than most law enforcement officers in a matter of weeks. Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton has a variety of handgun and rifle classes that teach civilian tactical skills at a reasonable cost, with all ammo and firearms provided!

These skills translate to safer churches, schools and businesses, as well as homes! You use seat belts and air bags in your personal vehicles and smoke detectors in your homes, so why would you not take the simple and affordable steps to protect yourself and your loved ones?

For the price of one family meal in an upscale restaurant, you can qualify to get your Wisconsin concealed carry license in one morning. Wolf River Concealed Carry LLC covers handgun safety, ways to carry concealed, holsters, handgun and ammo selection, use of lethal force and the laws regarding concealed carry. We also offer optional shooting instruction, which we strongly recommend. You do not need any previous experience to take our classes. A variety of small handguns are available to use and it’s a great idea to “try before you buy” to avoid a handgun that doesn’t fit your hand or recoils (“kicks”) too much for you to control. We love teaching first-time shooters!

Call us today and sign up for our next class! Your peace of mind is worth the small price, and the knowledge you gain could save your life or the life of a lived one. Call 920-982-1719. We have taught more than 500 students since February 2012. Students from Appleton, Oshkosh, Neenah, Clintonville, Shawano, Waupaca, Menasha, Manawa and surrounding communities have taken our WI CCW classes.

If you would like to organize a special class for your church or business, I will work with you to do that. We’d be happy to come to your church or business if you prefer. We’ve already taught at least one church group as well as several school board members and school staff! Just give us a call.