Low-cost concealed carry instruction!

Optional shooting-- try our guns before you buy!

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Classroom instruction

We teach the WI Dept. of Justice concealed carry curriculum in an informal, friendly setting. We welcome men and women ages 21 to 101, regardless of your shooting experience! You will always be treated with respect and patience. You will learn ammunition selection, handgun selection, basic firearm safety, ways to conceal your handgun and much more. When can I use lethal force to protect myself and my family? What does the Castle Doctrine say I can do? What should I say or not say if I am involved in a shooting? You will learn all this and much more when you sign up for a Wolf River Concealed Carry LLC class. The knowledge in this course could save you many thousands of dollars in legal battles and yes, it can also save your life! Sign up now. Call 920-982-1719.

Live shooting instruction: the Wolf River difference!

Learning to shoot defensively only comes from hands-on training. That's why Wolf River Concealed Carry LLC offers optional live firing instruction at real-world distances. Many other classes skip this vital step! Would you learn to drive a car without ever getting behind the wheel? The safety of you and your family depend on proper shooting instruction. Try our handguns and find one that fits you, too.

Professional instructors in a relaxed setting

Our instructors bring a lifetime of shooting experience and training to ensure you learn the proper grip, sight alignment, stance, use of cover, holster selection, concealing the handgun and much more. Chief instructor Ross Bielema is NRA certified and lead shooting instructor. Seth Gyldenvand is a former U.S. Marine with extensive training in combat shooting techniques. Both have competitive shooting experience.

Let us help with caliber and firearm selection

Find just the right handgun and caliber for your needs with hands-on testing! Does this gun fit my hand? Does it kick much? Is it easy to conceal? Why guess when you can try our guns for FREE! Just pay for the ammo. We'll help you do it right the first time, saving you time, aggravation and MONEY! Read more about firearm/caliber selection here.

The class was very clear and easy. Ross was very helpful and open to questions. The part of the session I enjoyed the most was the shooting session. This was offered as an extra after the class. This was so helpful to me because I had never handled or shot a handgun before. This gave me a good idea of what I am looking for in a handgun, and Ross was most helpful in this area as well. Thanks, Ross!" -- Erin M., Oshkosh