Live Shooting Instruction for CCW Students

The live shooting of defensive handguns is what separates Wolf River Concealed Carry LLC from the rest. Imagine if you were learning to drive a semi-truck, but were told you didn’t ever need to get behind the wheel of a truck! Well, it’s the same thing with most concealed carry classes. You are given the bare minimum of classroom instruction, then sent on your way to learn shooting on your own.

Wolf River Concealed Carry LLC believes this attitude is reckless and potentially dangerous, both to yourself in terms of your ability to defend yourself and your loved ones, and to others, if you go out as a rookie shooter and injure someone.

The live firing of defensive handguns in combat situations is the ONLY way you can practically train to defend yourself and the lives of loved ones! There are no shortcuts.

We offer a one-hour initial shooter training as a $30 option. The state of Wisconsin does not require shooting for concealed carry qualification, so we make this an option because some of our students already have extensive shooter training. If you are new to shooting, or new to handguns, we encourage you to spend this small fee and learn to do it right from the start! Minnesota and Florida do require shooting to get those states’ non-resident concealed carry permits, which will give you additional states to legally carry in. Talk to us about doing this if you would like to apply for one of these permits.

We also offer one-on-one shooter training for only $30/hour. Two-hour minimum. A friend/spouse may join you for no additional cost.

Instructor Seth Gyldenvand helps two students with hands-on shooter training.

Our shooting options allow you to try different calibers and different handguns to see which fits you best and has recoil (“kick”) you can handle. Use our handguns FREE and only pay for ammo! Wolf River Concealed Carry LLC wants you to be safe and learn as all police, military and competitive shooters learn: by shooting! You will continue to hone your shooting skills throughout your lifetime. Warning: Shooting is addictive and FUN!

┬áPlease note: If weather prevents any class from shooting, students may attend a later shooting session for the same fee! We want to encourage all CCW students to practice with their handguns and become proficient with them. It’s the only way to instill confidence so you are ready if you ever have to defend yourself with your handgun. Ammunition is not included in the $30 shooting fee. You may supply your own handgun and ammo, or buy ammo from us for $20 per 25 rounds (this includes enough for one session in any of the calibers you would like to try). Anyone is welcome to try our handguns to see which ones work for you (as long as you pay for the ammo). We do not charge a “handgun rental” fee like most indoor ranges.