CCW Links/Books

There’s a wealth of information about concealed carry on the web and in publications, including books and magazines.

We have compiled some of the best for easy reference. If you find more good sources, please send me an e-mail at and we will try to include them here.

USCCA: One of the best organizations we have found for comprehensive concealed carry information is the U.S. Concealed Carry Association. Membership is a little pricey, but you can find a wealth of information at their website and if you sign up for their e-mails, you will receive many great news stories about concealed carry issues and use of firearms in self-defense. (Note: USCCA now allows someone to purchase the magazine only for the modest price of $47 a year without becoming a full-fledged member). Wolf River Concealed Carry LLC is a proud affiliate of USCCA. If you decide to join, please mention Wolf River Concealed Carry LLC when you sign up.  When you sign up for one of our classes, you will receive one of USCCA’s little cards that advises you exactly what to say (and more importantly, what not to say) to police if you are involved in a shooting. This little card alone could save you many thousands of dollars in legal fees should you say the wrong thing and incriminate yourself!

Look through USCCA’s website and you will find information on ballistics, holsters, true stories of self-defense and even webinars on using CCW. I especially like their motto: Knowledge is your best weapon. Preparation is your best defense! This certainly supports Wolf River Concealed Carry LLC’s idea that we never stop training for the self-defense moment that we hope never happens.  When we know what to do almost automatically when the time comes, then we just need to practice a bit more! A concealed carry permit is the beginning, not the end, of your training.

Handgun testing:

I am a huge fan of revolvers for self-defense, for one reason: they go bang when you pull the trigger! They are as close to foolproof as it gets. Any semi-auto pistol is prone to jam. If a cartridge in a double-action revolver fails to fire, you simply pull the trigger again and shoot the next round.

A great, simple and ultra-light and compact revolver to consider is the Ruger LCR. It’s a 5-shot revolver available in both .38 Special and .357 Magnum (if you get the .357, you can shoot .38 Special in it, too, but not the other way around). Here’s a great review on the LCR:

Click here for Ruger LCR review


There are so many models of concealed carry holster that it’s impossible to list them all. Here are a few links to some decent ones. You really have to go through some trial and error to find one (or more) that work for you. My motto is to carry a small handgun, rather than leaving a big one at home. You are more likely to carry a small one every day than you are with a heavier, bulkier handgun.

Belly bands:

A simple belly band with holster pouch is practically invisible under a shirt. They are generally low-cost and simple to use. And if you are a little chubby like me, they even help hold in your belly! How cool is that? 🙂